Mahou Arms Patch Bundles

The programs below include both the patcher and the patch data for specific versions of Mahou Arms. The patch and unpatch programs include the data to apply and unapply the patch. The patch-only versions can only apply the patch, but they are smaller.

Mahou Arms Version Patch/Unpatch Bundles Patch-Only Bundles
v.0.3.1463 ma_patch_unpatch_bundle_v.0.3.1463.exe
MD5 Hash: 262ba27bba252f47ef7806adaa365846
Size: 1.07 GB
MD5 Hash: f122496b89418b526dbc773b8435a019
Size: 663 MB
v.0.3.1457 ma_patch_unpatch_bundle_v.0.3.1457.exe
MD5 Hash: 442E75D8AAFCDA4D98F986109432A292
Size: 1.06 GB
MD5 Hash: 61CF5D6A3C7B3FD4355C1A1A32BD21F6
Size: 660 MB