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Mahou Arms Patcher

The Mahou Arms Patcher is a program that will add adult (18+) content to the retail (all-ages) version of Mahou Arms. When you run the program, it will detect your version of Mahou Arms, then download and apply the correct patch. If you have installed Mahou Arms in a non-standard location, you may need to direct it to that location after starting the program.

There is also a linux version of the patcher which will run on the Steam Deck.

If you run into any problems with the Mahou Arms Patcher, please let us know on Discord.

There are also patcher bundles available (Windows only) which include the patch files for a specific version. You may prefer to use this in certain cases.

Patreon Launcher

The Patreon Launcher is a companion application for our Patreon backers. After connecting the launcher with your Patreon account, you can install and update Mahou Arms as well as access your monthly Patreon rewards.

It is only available for Windows.